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Welcome home to the International Post Polio Support Organization, the only global support group for polio survivors!

IPPSO is familiar with and knowledgeable of the late effects of polio, whether the diagnosis is Post Polio Syndrome or Post Polio Sequelae; because all the members are either diagnosed with PPS or related to/close friends of someone suffering from it. We are also in close contact with physicians specialized in the field.

These factors enables us to help and educate those with a history of polio. Once you begin to understand what Post Polio Syndrome is, you are allowed to manage its challenges on a daily basis. Through medical articles, along with the international conferences we arrange occationally, the International PPS Group is waking up the world to Post Polio Syndrome.

An increasing number of those who have suffered through polio as a child, are now experiencing new bodily weaknesses, muscle pains, memory loss, temperature intolerance, and more. The symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome are numerous, and the severity of them as diverse as was the effects of the onset of polio in millions, back in the polio era.

Come inside our site, and learn about Post Polio Syndrome, meet our Executive Committee, our Members, and join in our programs!

We are confident that when you leave our site, you will have a better understanding of Post Polio Syndrome and how to manage it on a daily basis.You will also have the tools to learn how to educate those in your own community, as well as your family, friends, employers, medical providers and even your doctor.

Come meet our volunteers, and allow us to help you understand PPS.

Welcome home once again to IPPSO....!